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handcuffed Unusual First Date Idea

An Unusual First Date

First Dates


When it comes to first dates, awkwardness is always present; you do not know what the person likes, you have no idea if the subject you are about to open would be of any interest to them, or if you two will get along perfectly or just get bored of each other in the first thirty minutes. If you are afraid of those awkward moments, why not intentionally make the date awkward that way you both would feel weird about what you are actually doing instead of feeling weird about the first date you are having together.

As you may have probably already figured out from the picture above, make your first date purposely awkward by handcuffing yourselves together the whole day. Now it may seem like a really stupid idea, and you might feel that it would ruin the first date, but on the contrary it would make the date very interesting and fun for the both of you.

Now before you bring out the handcuffs and lock yourselves together you have to make sure that your date has no problem in the matter, you both most consent about this date idea. Persuade your date to do that, because by doing so, you would get to spend a lot of time really close to each other, and your hands would be constantly touching which would aid you in decreasing the awkwardness as you go along in the date.

You might even challenge yourselves more by deciding to head to a restaurant to eat; you would need to help each other out all the time. Moreover, this date idea would give you both an opportunity to talk, even when you have nothing to say you could make fun of the people who are watching you oddly. In the end just make sure you do not lose the keys! 


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