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Is your loved one’s birthday coming up soon? You need not worry about what to do any longer; we all know that surprises are the best when on birthdays, but not just any birthday surprise will do just fine for your loved one, it has to be an amazing, astonishing surprise that would guarantee that you both would remember this day later on, and you have to make sure your loved one will know how far you are going to go for your relationship.

Though it might take you a few days to get the preparations in order for the surprise, in the end it would all be worth it and you would know that your loved one is going to have a birthday to remember always; and the love you both share would never be stronger.

Spending a birthday with friends would make the night worthwhile, so call up all the friends you and your loved one share in common and their close buddies and inform them that you are throwing a surprise birthday party for your loved one at their house.

Talk to a caterer about the food and the cake that is going to be served; make sure you include your loved one’s favorite food. Get some help in decorating the place; blow up balloons and hang them from the ceiling and on the ground to cover up the whole place. Hang pictures on the wall of your loved one with you and with her friends as a memory path that leads up to this current day. Pile up all the gifts together and wait until your loved one arrives and as a traditional surprise would be; yell out altogether “SURPRISE” and just have a blast with each other, dancing, singing, and making sure your loved one has an amazing birthday thanks to your effort and devotion.


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