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Bella Thorne and football player Tristan Klier pottery painting dating idea

Paint Me a Perfect Date

Anniversary Dates


Have you been wondering what to do on your anniversary? Wonder no more! Going to a pottery painting class with your significant other can be the perfect thing to do. Bella Thorne described her date as having “the most kind and generous soul ever” right after they went out on this pottery painting class. For your anniversary you would want your loved one to describe you as such, and this would give you a chance to reminisce about your childhood.

Make plans to go out with your loved one on your anniversary to a pottery painting class before you head out for a romantic dinner just the two of you. Look up the perfect place near where you live, and pick out the pottery you would like to paint on; it would be extra special if the shape was related to love (heart shaped) or a memory you share together.

Sit side by side with your loved one, and begin to paint your pottery while having a calm happy conversation about random things you wanted to talk about for a long time, but never really had the time to do so. Give each other positive feedback while you both are enjoying painting the pottery, this will give you a chance to show your loved one how much you appreciate everything they do, even the simple things.

When you are done painting on the pottery, wait for them to dry while you keep on laughing and enjoying the time you are spending together. After your work has dried, exchange the pottery with each other as a small gift of love and gratitude; we all know the most wonderful gifts are hand-made. 


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