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Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore visit Aquarium for a first date

Don’t Drown Your First Date

First Dates


In the amazing movie 50 first dates, Adam Sandler and co-star Drew Barrymore act as a couple who head out to an aquarium for a first date, and they enjoy greatly the time they have together. You can take your date to an aquarium as well, they are not just for small kids who are running around looking at the fish, aquariums can be a place for endless conversations you definitely need to not make that first awkward.

Aquariums have the perfect combination of a friendly entourage, and a constant conversation builder. You and you companion can walk leisurely around the vast number of aquariums to display the sea creatures and a wide number, and kinds of fish while surveying the amazing sea life underneath.

Underwater creatures possess many qualities, and are weird enough that permits your or your date to open a conversation about them at any moment of a long pause, or an awkward situation. Be sure you talk about your interests, and hobbies ask your date about hers as well, and chat about other things that are usually talked about on first dates; do not spend the night talking about fish, you need to fish up the relationship, not drown it down.

If you feel that you and your date are bonding well, and you wish to see them more; make use of the time you have to a grab a meal in a close by restaurant, or the restaurant the aquarium has to offer. Keep on talking and appreciating the time you are spending together, and simply enjoy yourself and each other’s company.

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