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That Awkward Moment  Zac Efron smartly romantic with books dating idea

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Sometimes you and your loved one might begin finding it hard to do regular stuff every day because you have nothing in mind, or out of new ideas. If you have watched the movie That Awkward Moment, you probably remember the best part of the movie that happened in a book reading gathering, the romance and love that is shared can put even the heartless in awe. You can have that special bond with your loved one on a similar date idea.

Check with the local book stores in your town to find out if they hold any book reading gathering for those who love to share their favorite parts in books and explain why, and what this part inspired them to do. If you cannot find a place as such; no worries, you and your loved one can have that date idea just the two of you over coffee.

Whether in a book store or over coffee with your loved one, make sure both of you would pick a part from a story that inspired you, or you loved it; it is best if the passage you both have chosen can be relatable to your relationship together in the most romantic way. Read them out loud to each other, and explain why you loved this part, and how it has reminded you of your relationship together and express how much you love each other.

Stories of any kind always have a positive impression on a person especially if it reminds them of something they adore and cherish dearly. You and your loved one would understand more the feeling you have for each other, and it would make a regular boring day, a day of romance and love.


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