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Taste the Perfect Date

First Dates


Here is the thing that drives most people crazy especially on first dates, where do we go? What do we do? What does my date like to eat? What restaurant is the best option? All these questions will give you so much stress and you would probably have a really bad first date. To stay on the safe side and play it smart, take your date out to a food tasting venue, having a wide variety of food in front of you is the best thing ever.

Look up places that are having days of food tasting; it might not be easy finding a place that is really close by to where you live; but even though, the positive thing about it that you would have the perfect time before you reach the place to discuss random things about your everyday life, and on the way back you would have a great time talking about some more personal stuff in addition to what you have just experienced together.

Look up a food tasting venue in which you can find a wide variety of food; from food you never tasted before to the usual everyday food. No one hates eating; so walk around the venue with your date, tasting everything that draws your attention and giving each other remarks about what you like and what you hated.

You would benefit greatly from this type of date, to begin with; you would have clear idea for years to come about your date’s favorite meals and what to stay away from. Also, you and your date would have the advantage of bonding together over the simplest things. This would definitely make your first date very fun and exciting.


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