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Throwback Date

Anniversary Dates


First dates are all about getting to know each other anniversaries, on the other hand, are all about remembering what made you fall in love, and making it last another year. Here is an idea for an anniversary date that will help you go back to the time it all began, but with a small twist.

Your anniversary is close by, and you want to go back with your loved one to the time it all started, to the very first date you had. You want to spark up your relationship by being reminded of the reason it all started.

Everyone recalls the first date; did you take you loved one to lunch? Did you go for a walk? Did you see a movie? Whatever you did on that first date, make plans to go to the same place, at the same time. If you went to a restaurant, make sure you sit in the same place you sat on that first date, if you went to the movies, rent out the movie and watch it together while sharing popcorn. The memories will flow out and it would make that special day, an exceptional throwback date.

First dates are not romantic, but anniversaries are. Keep that in mind and give your date a small twist. Bring your loved one an anniversary present, put up candles on the table, and make sure to bring flowers, you can even order a bottle of wine.

Going back to live that first date again will remind you and your loved one of when and how it all started and how far you both have come in the relationship.


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