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Beyoncé and Jay Z Wine Tour Date | Dating Ideas

Wine Tour Date

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Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, a glass of wine can turn anything to give the illusion of romance and gratitude. What do you need on your anniversary other than that kind of vibe in your life? As you can see in the above picture, Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are enjoying a glass of wine together, and the happiness shines in their eyes. You and your loved one can also have that, but with a bit of adventure along with it.

Make plans on your anniversary to go with your loved one to a winery and schedule a tour in the vineyard, any winery of your choice will do, and if there are no available wineries, and the road trip is too far, make similar plans but instead of a winery tour, go with your loved one to a brewery tour.

You would be shown how wine is made while enjoying the time touring with each other in the vineyard, and then the fun part begins when you start the wine tasting. Share with each other what you think of each kind and buy bottles of the wine you two most liked to enjoy later on together.

When you are done touring the vineyard, head towards a café or restaurant that is close by, sometimes you can find one inside the winery you are in. and enjoy a meal just the two of you looking back on the year that has passed and the years that are soon to come. Having a tour like this takes up your whole day, and it brings you two closer together while enjoying some quiet time away from all the troubles. 


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