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Easter Date Time

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With the holiday close by, you want to do something with your loved one that would get you to live the Easter spirit with joy and excitement. Before you take your loved one out to dinner, to see a movie, or even to church, take a moment to get them into the spirit of Easter with this special date idea.

Easter is a time of happiness, you see children all over the town excited about going on an egg hunt, running all over the place. If you wish to make your loved one as excited as those kids about Easter, prepare a special egg hunt just for them around the house, leading up to a dinner.

Prepare small notes on pieces of paper, write down small sentences saying how much you love them and put them in fake, plastic eggs, scatter them around the house, but do not put them in hard places, let them be easy to find. You can even number them, start off by putting the highest number near the bed so they’d know how many to look for, and the search begins.

Your loved one would relive their childhood running around to find the eggs and opening them, they would become very happy, and would live the Easter spirit. Include some Hershey kisses near them to make the gesture more romantic. In one of the eggs write down the time you are going to pick them up at night for dinner.

Take your loved one to a place you both love, bring some colorful flowers to resemble the Easter spirit. Enjoy a night together filled with the spirit of Easter and happiness.


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