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Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Chimney Joy Date

Chimney Joy Date

Special Dates


In the picture seen above, Ariana Grande and The Wanted boy member star Nathan Sykes, are heading to a fancy restaurant that offers a cozy seating around a chimney. Take your loved one on a dinner date, either the two of you together or with a couple of your friends, to a place that has a chimney seating and enjoy a romantic time with the one you love dearly.

Sitting by a chimney directly gives a positive vibe; it gives the resemblance of a romantic and passionate setting putting both you and the one you love in a good mood. Take the one you love to a place that offers the perfect setting with a chimney.

In a restaurant enjoy a meal together, share food while appreciating each other’s stories and simply cherishing each other’s company. At the end of the meal order a birthday cake with candles for your loved one, with the Happy Birthday song in the background.

You can even make the date more romantic, make a reservation in a chalet; either in the mountains or facing the sea, that includes a chimney place. Prepare and cook a delicious meal together and put the table. Sit together, one on one, and enjoy every second of the time spent together. Keep in mind the cake at the end to celebrate the birthday perfectly.

Celebrating a birthday with the one you love makes the day extra special. Whether you decide to go to a restaurant, or to a chalet, remember that it is a birthday so bring along with you a special gift for the one you love, and just enjoy the time you spend together.


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