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Before Sunset Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Valentine Date Idea

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We all want to have a perfect Valentine’s Day with our loved one, a day full of love, gaiety and understanding. Based on the idea from the movie Before Sunset about two people who love each other very deeply, you can make plans on Valentine’s Day to spend the day with your loved one watching the sunset together, and making each other feel loved and cherished on this very extraordinary day.

Make plans for you and your loved one to watch the sun set on the 14th of February, the international day for love and passion to be shared among couples. You can choose to watch the sunset from the rooftop of your home, near the beach, lyingon the sand at the beach, orfrom high up in the mountains.

Wherever you choose to watch the sunset with your loved one, make sure you take in the view, there is always something special and magical about the sunset, and the fact that you are watching it with your loved one would make you both bond without even having to say a single word to each other, and that is, in truth, what being in love is all about.

You can decide whether you want to bring along wine, or champagne and spend the night, even after the sun has set, talking, laughing, and enjoying the time together, or you can decide to head out after sunset to a restaurant just the two of you and continue you night there. Whatever you decide your souls would be filled with happiness and love from the wonderful view you have just experienced together.


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