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Nick Jones and Delta Goodrem Golf first date idea

Keep Calm and Golf Date

First Dates


Going out on the first date can be stressful and you could spend the whole time on that date being nervous. In order to avoid such a catastrophe you need to take out your date to a perfect place for a first date, and one of those kinds of places is the driving range; you could enjoy golfing together and have fun which would ease the nervousness and you would have a very successful first date to remember.

Make plans to take your date out to a driving range to spend your first date golfing together and having fun in this outdoorsy type of date. In addition this type of date is perfect for you would be spending time together in day light.

Golfing is not a very sporty activity, so even if your date is not a good golfer, or not athletic you both would have a great time together. Plus it would benefit you; you could help your date out with their swing and this would give you a chance to get close and personal with your date and bond perfectly.

If your date is familiar with this activity, and is a bit experienced with the sport, you both would enjoy some friendly competition together. Either way it would make the perfect first date, you would get to know the person you are dating of a physical level; the tolerance and patience they have, as well as their character. You would have as much time as you want to talk about as many things as you want, and if you feel there are awkward pauses, you can easily talk about golfing and the awkwardness would fly away with the ball.


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