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Walking around can be a fun thing to do with your loved one; it is the perfect combination of sports and fun, and you both would benefit greatly from a simple walk together. But your anniversary is coming up, and you wish to do something very meaningful with your loved one that would show how much you love them, and how serious you are about the relationship you two share together. An anniversary is a perfect time to walk around your hometown with your loved one by your side.

You might think that simply walking around the place you grew up in is not romantic enough for your anniversary or that you can have that date any other day, but walking around your hometown with your loved one is very special and meaningful especially when you are in a serious relationship.

While you walk around the town you grew up in, make an effort to tell stories about different spots around town that made them important to you, tell your loved one where you used to hang out with your friends, and where you used to do the craziest things. Let your loved one see what kind of childhood you had with that walk around town.

When you share those kinds of stories with the person you love, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you are building a strong relationship. Letting a person in on your childhood with its details would permit them to see what kind of person you were and how you grew up to be the person you are now, and your loved one would appreciate you even more.


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