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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Down the Road Special Date

Down the Road Date

Special Dates


Going on a ride in a car with your loved one can be quite adventurous and fun at the same time, just as Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris where seen laughing and simply enjoying their time together on the road, you can do the same thing with your loved one and enjoy a very special time together. This kind on date could be done as a road trip for a full day; it works especially well on a 6 month anniversary or if it is your loved one’s birthday.

Make the trip meaningful and fun for the both of you to enjoy a very special time together, put a destination in mind; it all depends on where you live and what touristic sites are situated in the area. Make sure the main destination you are heading for is not close by nor too far; this is a one day road trip.

On the way to your chosen destination, if you pass by attraction sites or touristic places make sure you stop and enjoy the place, take pictures together with the view around you, and create memories that would last a lifetime, memories you would always remember when you come back to those places.

Whether you go on this road trip as an anniversary date, or a birthday adventurous date you and your loved one would have a blast. You would be creating new memories together, having a full day just the two of you to talk freely about anything and everything and make your relationship stronger.


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