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Pillow Fight Date

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“Some will rise, some will fall, and feathers will fly.”

Pillow fight day is an international day where tens of thousands of people head down to the streets of over 100 cities around the world, and they have a huge pillow fight. The event takes place on the 4th of April, and it has been going on for 7 years up till now. This event is perfect for a date, so look up the closest city to you holding a pillow fight event and drive with your loved one over there.

Decide on a city you are going to visit for this date, close to where you live, and head out with your loved one to join the huge crowds for pillow fight day. The event can take time, from a couple of minutes to several hours, depending on the pillows and the people’s enthusiasm.

You and your loved one can join in on the fun for as long as you wish, and throw pillows and each other, jumping around, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. You can even fight with the other people around you, protecting each other’s backs, or fight against each other; both are fun and you would definitely have a great time on this date.

Having a pillow fight in the vibe of laughter and happiness will bring you and your loved one closer together, you would let out all the anger and frustration held within, and when it is all done you would feel both relaxed and in the mood for anything and everything. Continue that special date and head out to have a comforting meal after all the jumping around to relax and talk with ease about the great time you just had together.


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