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How I Met Your Mother Let’s Go to the Bar Date Idea

Lets Go to the Bar

Every Day Dates


From the show of How I Met Your Mother, we have had our thoughts of our friendship goals, and relationship goals through Lily and Marshal’s relationship. You and your loved one can have that type of relationship, that is both strong with your loved one, unbreakable no matter what, and both you and your loved one could have a strong relationship with your friends. Just as in the show, How I Met Your Mother, you could have that bar time every now and then.

Just any bar around the block, that is not very noisy, yet has amazing appetizers and beer will do just fine for the perfect hang out place for you and your loved one. You can spend your time alone, just the two of you, or with your closest friends; a relationship needs that constant close friends every now and then to prosper.

On normal days, sometimes a couple needs to do something very normal yet somehow different than the usual stay at home boring day. Head down to a bar with your loved one, order beer, and just chill, have a relaxing time to catch up on the typical everyday conversations, or talking about that one thing that needs time to discuss.

If you decide to invite with you your close friends, spend your time laughing, talking about past memories, and creating new interesting, fun memories that would never leave your mind. This bar time you would have with your loved one will make your relationship grow strong, and you would have that special thing that you can do every time you need a bit of excitement in the relationship.


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