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Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West ice-cream dates

Summer Breeze Ice-cream Freeze Date

Every Day Dates


Summer time is the best time to go out with your loved one, walking in the warm sun and being totally positive. As you can see in the above picture, Kim Kardashian West and Husband Kanye West went out for their usual every day kind of date; the ice-cream date. Who doesn’t like ice-cream? Go out with your loved one for ice-cream on one of those hot summer days, and spend some quality time together enjoying yourselves.

When you feel that you want to do something fun,or something that would make you and your loved one both happy other than staying home or in your usual hang out place, make plans to go for an ice-cream date. Head out to the ice-cream place of your choice and order whatever you like to eat.

You and your loved one can order several kinds of ice-cream, put them all in front of you on the table and eat together, sharing the ice-cream, and having a fun conversation together. You can even decide to take cones of ice-cream; just as you see in the picture above, and go for a walk with your loved one eating and enjoying your time together.

You can go for a walk in the park or around town while enjoying your ice-cream and each other’s company. The vibe that this date would give you is one of childhood beauty and laughter, and it is perfect for that normal afternoon delight you need to strengthen your relationship and just simple enjoy every second of being with each other.


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