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Ashton Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis Foot spa Anniversary Date Idea

Let’s Go to the Spa Date

Anniversary Dates


Anniversaries do not have to be a day of doing extreme romantic things that are too amazing; the mere fact of being with the one you love on this day should be enough for the both of no matter what you plan to do. Just as you see in the picture above, Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis decided to go and relax themselves at a foot spa, you can do that with your loved one on your anniversary and simply enjoy the relaxing time you would be spending together.

On your anniversary, make plans you and your loved to head out to a spa, it does not necessarily have to a be a foot spa, it could be any spa you both would like to spend your time together in; pick out a place that would make you both happy and relaxed.

Plan to spend an entire day over there, trying everything they offer as a couple, and bonding with each other while talking about anything together quietly and peacefully. Benefit from the time you would be spending there away from everything, and away from all the distractions, looking back on all you have been through and looking forward to relaxing future together.

After the relaxing day you both have spent in the spa, go out to a dinner the both of you, if you would like you could invite a few friends to celebrate this wonderful time all together, support of friends in a relationship is very important for the both of you to stay relaxed and comfortable. 


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