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Troian Bellisario and Brandon Jones Pretty Little Liars Ask me Anything Date Game

Ask me Anything Date Game

Anniversary Dates


Your anniversary is coming up soon, and you want to do something special in addition to the usual dinner date you are going to have, here is an idea that is very special, and would surely make your relationship stronger, and you and your loved one would respect each other more than ever. All you need for this special idea is a pen and paper and scissors, and it is guaranteed you would have an amazing time!

Sit down with your loved one on your anniversary date before leaving to have that special one on one dinner date together and get some papers, a pen and scissors. Sit opposite of each other with a table in the middle just as you can see in the picture above.

Place in front of each of you two piles of papers and cut them in half, without either of you seeing what the other is writing, write down on the first paper of the first pile a question about yourself, and on the other pile the answer; it could be a question as simple as “what is my favorite colour?” to “what is my most embarrassing moment?”

Write as many questions as you want, you and your loved one can go around every aspect of your lives together and apart. When you are done switch with your loved one the pile of questions and keep with you the answers. Begin question by question, one would read the question and would answer, then the other would raise the paper with the answer on it and would see if you match, keep on till you have done all the questions.

This simple activity will show you and your loved one that you have been listening throughout the relationship; this will make you both increase the respect you have for each other. You might not get all the questions right but even though it would be a good laugh.


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