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Ancient Hindu Festival of Colours Date Idea

Festival of Colours Date

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The festival of colours began as an ancient Hindu festival, and now it is done worldwide, around cities all over the world. The festival is also called the festival of love; it is done in spring time as a celebration of love, frolic, and colours. The festival occurs on open streets, with over 10 thousand people gathering in each place; people are given bags filled with coloured powder, of every colour you can imagine, and at a certain point they throw them up in the air, as seen in the picture above. This festival of love is a perfect kind of place to go to with your loved one.

Look up when there is going to be a festival of colours where you live, or close by, and make sure you get tickets for you and your loved one to attend. This kind of date would be perfect to strengthen your love, and enjoy yourselves with great happiness and ease.

Head down to the street and join the hundreds of people gathering, get your own sacks of colours and enjoy the music and dancing that would lead up to the best part of the day, when you throw the colours up in the air. The festival would give you and your loved one a great experience, it is in fact called also the festival of love.

Spend as much time as you want with your loved one dancing and singing and just letting go of all the stress, and having fun together and gaining a wonderful experience, who knows, you might even make it an annual festival to attend together. 


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