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Hayden Christensen and wife Rachel Bilson went on a roller skating date

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There comes a point in your relationship where you feel the need to do something both adventures in a way yet fun and not as tiring. Just as Hayden Christensen and his wife Rachel Bilson went out to a roller skating arena to have a blast together, so can you and your loved one do the same thing. Sometimes a typical normal day needs a sprinkle of fun and laughter for the both of you to enjoy your time together.

Make plans on normal boring afternoon to head out with your loved one to a roller skating arena, if there is no place special for roller skating near where you live, the park could work just fine, and the fact that you would be outdoors in between trees also would make the mood very much enjoyable.

Hold hands as you circle around the arena, or the park, you can even have some friendly competition in racing to see who is faster; make bets that would make the relationship blossom more and more. You and your loved one can even enjoy small chats while wondering out and about with roller skates.

When you feel that you both are exhausted from roller skating, the excitement would not have really died out because of all the fun you had been having, so to add to this normal date, continue with your loved one to a nearby restaurant, coffee shop, or a cocktail place and keep on enjoying the time you both are spending together. 


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