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ABC TV series Switched at Birth, Vanessa Marano and Sean Berdy bond over art on a First date

Draw me a Perfect Date

First Dates


Art is always fascinating, from paintings, great literature, and music; all of these are considered great works of art. Throughout history it is quite clear that the perfect way to bond with someone is over a piece of art, it is what you need to have in common with someone in order to have a great relationship, or to see if that person can open your eyes to see things in different light. Take your date out on that first date to an art gallery and see if they are what you expected.

Look up great art galleries close to where you live, and make plans to head out to the one that you find most interesting with your date. Make sure that you do your share of research on the kind of exhibit you will be attending, not just so you can seem knowledgeable, but to make sure you won’t be taking your date to art gallery on war and crazy stuff.

Walk around the gallery with your date, discussing the art displayed; if your date luckily is a fan of arts the date would be very fun and easy going with just the right amount of conversation about yourselves, if your date does not have a passion for arts, you could just spend the time making jokes about the art and discussing yourselves more. Either way an art gallery is a good place for a first date.

Towards the end of the time you are going to spend in the gallery, you would have obtained a clear idea about the person you will be going to date, and if they are what you’re looking for, on the other hand, if you did not enjoy their company then you would have all the right reasons to end it then and there. 


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