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story of a couple who found true love at Tomorrowland

The Promise of Tomorrowland

Special Dates


We all live in a world full of stress, and sometimes we really need a fun, relaxing day to free our minds from the overload we face. This day, that is free of all this stuff, could in fact be the day you meet the one you are meant to be with for the rest of your life. Thus is the case for Letizia and Patrick whom found themselves completely in love thanks to the event “Tomorrowland”.

Manage to get two tickets for you and the one you love, to head out to the event of that takes place the final weekend of July, Tomorrowland. It is the largest electronic music festival and the vibe it gives is idle for you to connect so deeply with the one you love, or even make you feel something special towards someone you care about genuinely.

Here is Letizia’s story: “Last year, after years of trying to get to Tomorrowland, I finally managed to get tickets with a friend and two of his good pals. On the last day, Patrick and I left the group to see the DJ's on the Bakermat Stage. We danced and suddenly we kissed and now we're happily in love since the 21st of July. I could not have ever imagined how amazing Tomorrowland would be and that it would basically change my life! I am crazy in love with this guy! So, thank you Tomorrowland, not only for 3 days of pure Happiness, but also for bringing me together with such a wonderful man.

You and the one you love, or the person you secretly like, can have both an amazing time, and be driven even closer together, and start something very special together because of this event.


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