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Valentine’s Day movie Taylor Lautner giving Taylor Swift a surprise gift on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine Dates


You might be thinking that, as seen in the picture above, giving teddy bears on Valentine’s is a bit cliché, but what better time of year is there to exchange such cuddly and sweet gifts than the most waited for day; Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is made for such gifts, teddy bears, flowers, and definitely chocolate boxes! So how about this year on Valentine’s Day you would gift your loved one with all those sweet gifts in an amazing surprising way.

Before the day arrives, go out shopping for the best teddy bear you can afford; your loved one does not need the most expensive one; the mere fact that it is coming from you no matter how big or small is enough. Then buy a box of chocolate; if you can find heart shaped ones your surprise would be extra special and romantic.

On Valentine’s Day, head out to get some flowers; put together the best bouquet for your loved one, head straight to their work place and give it to them over there in front of all the co-workers, your loved one would feel so special. If you are unable to do so, send a delivery person to her work place, it is in the end the idea that truly matters.

Then, when your loved one has finished work and is home; surprise them with the chocolate box you picked out, write a small note telling them to be ready at night, and that you are taking them out to dinner at a fancy place.

In the end, head out to dinner with your loved one, and enjoy yourselves fully and just have fun. Before heading back home, while you two are still in the car, give them the final and sweetest gift of the day, the teddy bear you chose for them. This surprise date is sure to put your loved one in a very happy mood. 


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