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Janel Parrish, Pretty Little Liars star, and Val Chmerkovskiy dance it out romantic date night

Dance the Night Away Date

Special Dates


Celebrating a six month anniversary might seem non sense to some people, but the idea of having six month pass in a relationship is a big deal. The first month are all awkward, and shyness flying in the air. After that you become comfortable around each other; you now know your loved one as they are; their habits and the tiny important things they do. Having six month pass means you two have passed the hard part, this is worth celebrating. Keep your 6 month anniversary simple, or you would find the one year anniversary too much pressure.

The best way to celebrate such a time is by doing something both romantic and fun, you and your loved one need to let go of all the awkward moments that has passed with a bit of romance but with a sprinkle of relaxing fun.

Sign up for a dance class, you can choose whatever dancing style you wish to learn; be sure the type of dancing is for couples, not singles dancing around. You and your loved one need to spend this date hanging closely around each other breaking all the barriers left in between. Plus seeing other couples around you dancing would put you both at ease, with no need to feel any discomfort.

After the class has ended go out with your loved one on a casual date dinner in any restaurant of your choice, keep things normal do not stress on romance after such a dance class. Dancing with each other is a huge step in a relationship, and it is exactly what you both need on a six month anniversary date; you can even decide to keep on attending more classes, it gives you both a chance to keep bonding this closely.


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