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Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna Falcone theatre first date idea

Class up your First Date

First Dates


Tom Fletcher the guitarist in the band Mc Fly and wife Giovanna Falcone went out to the theatre of London and enjoyed a perfect date night in the atmosphere of theatre and art. This kind of atmosphere makes it a perfect setting for you to take out your date for the first time; it offers the best vibe, with a significant amount of time to share a conversation without letting it become awkward and bad.

The reason the theatre is the perfect place to have a first date is because of everything it has to offer, and it is well suited for all types of people; everyone loves the theater and all it presents; especially if your date is a lover of books and art.

The theater date is more unique than a typical movie date night. The theater is classier that a movie; make sure you both are well dressed for this date night, put on your formal clothing and head out together, there is nothing better than to have a first date in which both you and your companion are well dressed for.

While watching a theatrical performance, all plays have an intermission in between scenes; that is a break for relaxation before the play resumes again. In that time you have a chance to chat up with your date, talk about the play, yourselves, and anything that comes to mind. Simply enjoy that time to get to know each other more. Make your first date a one to be remembered and this way you would get a chance for a second one; just relax and enjoy your time at the theater!


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