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Beyoncé and Jay Z boat cruise anniversary date idea

Extra Special is the Date to Have

Anniversary Dates


Anniversaries are a time to reminisce about the past, and to look forward for the future; in order to greatly appreciate and enjoy your anniversary with your loved one, you have to make sure you go to every extent to have an amazing time, and keep the love alive. Beyoncé and Jay Z are having a great time on the boat, so for your anniversary make that boat ride last longer, with the spirit of romance in a cruise date.

Going on a cruise is the best get-away to insure you and your loved one both spend an amazing anniversary away from the stress, and noisiness of the world. This date time must be perfect in order to be able to enjoy yourselves and strengthen the love you share together.

Make plans, and reserve a boat that is perfect for you and your long-time companion, make sure it offers all that you both which to have at this time; massage parlor, swimming pool, luxury room for couples, and anything else you might have in mind that would give you both a very relaxing anniversary.

Say cheers for a great night and have dinner on the deck of the boat at sunset while enjoying a bottle of wine and talking about all that you love about each other, and all that you wish to accomplish by each other’s sides.

Make your Cruise date last a little longer, at least 2 to 3 days, and share every second of those day with each other, and doing all sorts of activities on the boat with each other, and have an amazing anniversary to start a fresh year.


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