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Couple in a boat summer time date idea

A Weekend on Sea

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Bit expensive but Romantic, Ideal for long term couples.

To celebrate the coming of summer with your loved one is a crucial step to kick off an amazing summer!

This day should be extra special and full of love and romance; as if telling summer make my entire summer vacation full of love and happiness.
There are many things you can do to show your loved one to kick off summer, but nothing screams out like a weekend getaway. Now since this would be a hot summer day, this getaway should be extremely special and unique, and we have the best idea to offer you!


No matter where you live, if you head down to the docks, you can find a person who is willing to lend you a boat for a weekend out on sea.
Now of course, you won’t be travelling the world in the boat, just sailing a significant distance away from the shore.
If you don’t know how to sail a yacht – though it is fairly easy and you can learn fast. You can ask someone to get you there and they in turn would sail back to shore on the life boat and leave you two out there for the weekend.


“Just you, me and the old Sea.”


In preparation for this weekend, plan ahead of time, pack up your belongings for a three day away on a boat. Make sure you get enough food and beverages. Stock up the boat and set sail to the middle of the sea to enjoy a perfectly romantic and special time one on one with your loved one like never before celebrating the beginning of summer together.
Take a swim, tan in the sun, drink champagne and wine calmly. This day would be turned so easily into one of the best days of your lives.


Spend your time in extreme love and joy, bond like never before and enjoy yourselves fully.
You can also decorate the bedroom and the dock of the boat with lights to make the scene even more amazing. What is more romantic than sitting on the roof of the boat with a view of the sea and land far away with the boat decorated with red and yellow lights.

This would be the perfect and most special thing you can do with your loved one on such an amazing hot day of summer vacation. 

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