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old couple yard sale anniversary date idea

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No matter where you live, who you live with, and what you have been through in life, we all have this one place in our home; garage, attic, basement, or even the back of the closet, that one place that we throw everything away we stopped using yet we don’t feel comfortable throwing them out into the garbage.

We pile them up, one after the other until it is no longer clear what they are made up of.
This anniversary, it is time to stop procrastinating the clean up!
Go through all this piled up stuff with your significant other and then have a yard sale!


Old things that we stock up in the corners of the house may have seemed simple at the time, but in fact, if you go through them after a long time, they would no longer seem simple but in fact they would hold so many memories and recollections of the past to be shared with your loved one.


“I love those random memories that make us stop and just smile.”

If you live in the same house, it would be a group work of finding stuff and recalling the memories of them – then decide whether to sell them in a yard sale, or put them back up in the house. You never know, old memories can be a tricky thing.


If you and your loved one do not live in the same house, divide the day in two – start at your place, have your loved one either help you out in going through the old stuff, or have them sit in front of you while you go through the boxes and tell them of the memories each object has. Then switch houses and head up to your loved one’s place and do the same thing in vice versa!

This sort of thing will let you in on the past thus making you get to know each other more and more.
When you get to know the small details in a person’s life, you will grow to love them more fondly.


When you’re done, set up all the stuff you have decided to sell up in the yard, and have a yard sale. You would enjoy your time together greatly. When you are done, with the money collected you can go out on a very fancy dinner together and spend the money.

This anniversary date would be a wonderful way to visit old memories and create new ones with hopes of having more in the near future. 


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