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Elena Gilbert Stephan Salvatore The Vampire Diaries Motorcycle Ride

An Epic Motorcycle Ride

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Adventurous Date Ideas, Ideal for long term couples.

Although The Vampire Diaries show has recently ended which left fans in tears of joy for the amazing ending, and in tears of sadness because it ended, one cannot simply forget how this wonderful story started out.

Stephan and Elena hit it off directly at the boy’s bathroom door and from then on history has been written. This couple is one of the most loved couples on a T.V. show due to their epic love that defies even nature itself.

One would only wish to have love as wonderful as these two had; therefore, if you and your loved one are a fan of this T.V. show – and if you have not seen it I strongly advise you to watch it – then take out your loved one on a motorcycle ride just as Stephan and Elena did!


“Going on adventures together creates a unique bond.”


On a bright and sunny day, one would only want to go out and enjoy the sun. On this sort of day, which would be a plus if it was a special occasion you and your loved one share. Head out with the person you love and engulf on an epic adventure ride!
If you do not personally own a motorcycle, you will most definitely find in your local area a place where they rent motorcycles.
Do not make this a 1 day adventure, go all the way and rent out the motorcycle for 2 days straight.


Ride out the day with your loved one, go to a new and far place to spend the night there in a hotel or motel. Take turns riding the bike, and if your loved one does not know how to ride a bike – there is no better time to teach them.
Ride out and stop at a dinner on your way to enjoy lunch time together. It will be a fun day of epicenes and memories.

When you reach your destination, cuddle in and enjoy your night with a fine dine in with wine or champagne. Create memories with your loved one that would last a lifetime.

The next day, wake up and head to a near-by dinner and order breakfast. Then it is back home.

Although you might be thinking that this sort of date is not really that epic, the whole idea of trying something new and adventurous with your loved one is enough to make you both have a stronger bond of love and affection.  

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