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couple with a dog Pet Shop Paradise Special Date Idea

A Pet Shop Paradise

Special Dates


Ready to show commitment, Ideal for long term couples.

At times, you would want to show the person you love that you love them more than anything out there in the world.

If you are running low on ideas to show how truly and deeply you love that person, and you feel that it just simply too early to pop the question and give them an engagement ring, there might be different solution that would hint forever without the need of having to buy a ring and get down on one knee!
Check out that awesome idea you can do!


Engagement rings show endless love and eternity, but it might simply be just too early to make such a big move despite the fact that you actually do want to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life.
What you can do to show this love to your loved one is simply adopt a pet!

Pets are a lifelong responsibility; adopting a pet together, for the both of you will signify a forever and always bond of love!


“Adopting a pet together helps you decide if you want to take the next serious step.”


Head out to a pet shop and look around; now it is preferable not to get a rabbit or a hamster, such pets would not be as much fun as owning a dog or a cat – on that note, dogs are better for the mere fact that having a dog will enable more play time at the park, more walks in the sun, and fun when giving it a bath.

You see, owning a dog will enable you and your loved to have a wider range of activities to do because of that – more date time for you both, more bonding, and more love to share and give!


Therefore, adopt or buy a dog with your loved one – make a pact that you would share the responsibility of money and time between the both of you.

This sort of act will show that you are serious about the relationship otherwise you would not have adopted a pet who lives a minimum of 10 years.
Instead of an engagement ring this time around, buy a pet dog and enjoy the unlimited fun.


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