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Poetry and Love romantic anniversary date idea

Poetry and Love

Anniversary Dates


There is always a sort of notion that follows poetry; poetry is love. Now of course poetry is not always written about love, but when someone wants to express their undying love to their partner in life, poetry is always a great gesture to do! Not everyone is gifted in the art of writing poetry, but everyone is capable of trying to write something if it is for someone they love; no matter how awful it would turn out to be, as long as it is from the heart, it would be wonderful! Now if you have your anniversary coming up around the corner, here is something you and your loved one could do!


Poetry reading is one of the most interesting events to attend especially if you want to share your own writing. Suggest this to your loved one, and try to write your own poetry for each other to share it out loud in a poetry reading event at a library. Do not ruin the surprise and share it before-hand, and no matter how bad you feel that it is, the thought is what counts and as long as it is from the heart nothing is bad.


Check at your local library, or near-by libraries; if you don’t want the entire neighbourhood see you melt out your heart for you loved one, as to when they are holding a poetry reading event and book the date in your schedule. Head out to the event and share what you have writing for your loved one. Now if you are planning on proposing, this would be a really interesting what to pop the question, make the poem be an ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ kind of poem or a ‘you are my best friend and you make me happy’ be as creative as you can.


 Either you pop the question or not, this sort of thing to do on your anniversary would take no more than one hour, so you would still have the rest of the day to celebrate; but you will celebrate with unexplainable happiness and a lifelong memory. 


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