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Leighton Meester Adam Brody dog walking date idea

Paws For The Walk

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Dog walking is sort of an activity that combines cuteness with sports. That being said, if you or your loved one already have a dog, this sort of every day date activity might not be all that interesting to you, since it is most probable that you both already do that. If you do not have a dog, but are a fan of dogs, there is a way in which you and your loved can enjoy such an awesome experience without having to buy a dog, or for that matter pay a lot of money!


Head out with your loved one to the local animal shelter and offer to walk a pair of lovable pups. Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers. Just head on over there, pick up two cute dogs, not necessarily small dogs, it could be the kind you prefer, as you can see in the above picture, Leighton Meester & Adam Brody are walking two completely not similar dogs.


Take out those dogs and walk around your neighbourhood, walking has actually been proved to bring up new inspirations, and walking around your neighbourhood could bring back past memories you have never thought about sharing with your significant other. That would be the time to share and have a good laugh together while doing some activity!


When you have tired off the dogs by the constant walking and you somehow feel that you still want to walk around, easy, all you need to do is head back to the animal shelter and just give back those two dogs and pick up two more dogs to walk! Not only will you both be having a good time together, but you will actually be doing something for the greater good, walking those dogs is just heaven to them! So enjoy yourselves and simply have fun!


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