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Lost In The Maze Anniversary Date Idea

Lost In The Maze

Anniversary Dates


One way to make the date reflect how you are feeling on the upcoming anniversary, is to plan a date day that would show your significant other that no matter what hardships life throws at you both, you will somehow find a way to overcome them and evolve. Be the saviour and rescue each other from all sorts of problems and pains this world has to offer. A sort of day idea that would reflect this idea is by heading with your loved one into a maze to find your way out.


The only problem in planning this date is actually finding a maze near the place where you live. The positive thing is that this sort of activity has grown extremely popular especially with the release of new movies that tend to have a maze in them such as The Maze Hunter. When you have found a place with a maze, buy your tickets for your anniversary and plan to go there – of course it has to be during the day or else it would be somehow creepy and scary, but you both like scary stuff then go for it!


Get lost in the maze! Go in with the person you love and try to look for your way out together. It might seem easy, but the quest in finding the way out is what would help you show each other how resilient you are to stress when you are by each other’s side! If you want to make the game a bit more interesting, each one of you will enter the maze from a different side and instead of searching for your way out, you will be searching for each other! It is not easy, but it is possible! Walk through the maze calling for each other until you are reunited in each other’s arms.


This sort of date would not only be very epic for an anniversary, but it would be perfect in a metaphorical way; always finding each other and always overcoming obstacles as long as you are together. After you have finished your quest, head out to dinner and celebrate your victory!


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