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Sports and Hurray Sports Fans Everyday Date Ideas

Sports and Hurray!

Every Day Dates


Sitting at home every day doing nothing can really cause a relationship to fall apart, boredom is quite a common cause for relationship ending. In order to avoid this, new ideas and dates should be done in order to keep your relationship alive and prosperous for the long run. One of the many things you can do in order to spark up you and your loved one’s lives is to go to a sporting event and get your hearts racing and pumping with adrenaline.


The first thing you should do before you just simply go out to any sporting event, because believe me there are plenty to pick from, sit down with your significant other and write down a list of sports you both love and enjoy watching together, the list could include sports such as tennis, football, basketball, rugby, wrestling, horseback riding, swimming… the list goes on and on. After you have complied a list; write down each sport on a piece of paper, fold it, and put them in a jar. This is the jar of sports events to attend.


Each time you feel like you are getting tired of going on the same old same old dates, go to this jar and draw a name of a sport and go and attend a game. So, pick a name, and whatever sport you drew, check out where this sport is being played any time soon near where you live, buy tickets for the game, and go to have those adrenaline rush feelings heightened. Watching sports and having the freedom to scream and shout from the stands with the person you love by your side has its perks of making you enjoy yourself, letting out the stress, and even getting to know each other better.


This sort of way will permit you guys to not argue every time on which game you want to watch, it would be an amicable decision and no matter what game you picked, you would love watching it no matter what since you and your loved one would be side by side in those stands cheering the team on!

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