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New Year's Eve Marriage Proposal | Special date idea

Take A Step Forward

Special Dates


It is that special time of year again, New Year’s Ever, it is most definite that you will be spending this New Year’s Ever with the person you love most in this world, the person who you would want to spend the rest of your life with no matter what hardships come your way! This New Year’s Ever make it clear to that person that you want to carry on your life with them; what better time do you have to pop the question then a night that signifies new beginnings, new hopes, and new dreams! Work extra hard in planning out this New Year’s Eve in order to make it unforgettable!


If you are planning to go a step forward this New Year’s Eve then you need to go about it very carefully to achieve the perfect unforgettable night! Pick a location, preferably NOT a bar or someplace where you are unable to control the music and ambiance. Talk with the owner of the place you picked and tell them about your plans in order to get their help with planning a swift evening. Invite all of your close friends and tell them of your plans; make sure to swear them to secrecy!


The next step is picking the perfect engagement ring and when you have achieved that, it is time for this night to start! Make sure that everything is well planned out and no mistakes will occur! Start your night by acting normal and just before the clock strikes 12, pop the question! Make sure your timing is impeccable – you have to give your speech and ask the question + get the answer YES! Before the new year strikes; start the year as an engaged couple!


Planning this event is not a hard thing, all you have to do is be calm and collective of your emotions and everything will work out just fine! Do not over think the event, have faith and hope for a bright and prosperous future with the person you love most in this world!

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