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The 12 Days Before Christmas | Special Date Ideas

The 12 Days Before Christmas

Special Dates


Christmas is a time to give and receive love, affection, joy, and most importantly – gifts. Well, that last one is not as important as the rest, but you can’t deny it is more fun than the rest! You and your loved one already work every single day of your lives to insure your happiness and love stays strong and un-going! So, this Christmas bring a little twist to your relationship by doing an activity that will wow both of you!


The first thing you need to do is agree on secrecy; no one of you should tell the other person what he/she is getting the other as gifts! You see, this Christmas activity consists of bringing your loved one every day a small gift – not just any gift, a gift that would mean something really special to both of you, it could be a memory reminder or a new memory creator. – so, you bring every day a gift starting 12 days before 25 December in which you get to open all the small gifts until you reach the big one!


The second thing you need to do is a get a stocking or some kind of Christmas box to put all the 12 gifts inside, no cheating at night and peeking in to see what the other person has brought! Can you imagine, opening up the gifts one by one, and at some point, it turns out that you have brought each other the same gift – that would show you how much you both know each other, and how well you remember all your shared memories.


This sort of activity that leads up to Christmas will surely bring you and your loved one closer together like never before; in addition, it is a chance for you both to experience the Christmas spirit in whole new perspective!

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