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Let’s Farmville our Lives | Special Date Idea

Let’s Farmville our Lives

Special Dates


Ever wonder why you picked your loved one? Why them in specific? And most probably if you had the option to do it all over again you would no doubt pick them again out of many others no matter who they are! Well there is something you and your loved one can do as a way to show them that picking him was the best thing you have ever done! Since it is fall time and the season of apples and berries to be harvested, take your loved one out on a date in which you would pick apples and berries!


Before you simply step out in a field of apples or berries and start picking, ask the permission of the owner of the land – make it clear that you do not want any money for your services just simply your purpose is to have a good time! Once you get the permission to do so, prepare yourselves (it would be a good thing if you dress in overalls just as farmers do) and head out to the field to do some picking.


If you would like to make this sort of date archived, ask one of your friends to come with you and snap some photos of the two of you having a blast while picking apples or berries! Spend the whole day if you want – of course including breaks to eat and relax – keeping in mind that the best times you will ever spend with your loved one are the sort of dates which you are not able to do every single day.


Once you have finished your day, buy some apples or berried from the owner of the land – or if you are lucky he would just simply give you some for free for your hard work – and head home, look up the recipes of an apple/berry pie and spend your evening preparing it, then definitely eating it up! This sort of date idea would bring you and your loved one closer together than ever!

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