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Halloween Spirit | flintstones costumes | Special Date Idea

Halloween Spirit

Special Dates


Halloween is a holiday celebrated around the world, and as it is obvious that at this time in the year people would be waiting excitedly to go attend a costume party, drink some crazy party drinks, dance and have a wonderful time! This year you can have all the fun you desire with you loved one; you two can add to the party something new and exciting that would make all the eyes at that party be on you!


It is preferable if you start getting ready for this event a little while before, don’t wait until the last minute to decide on a costume, nor on the party celebration you will be attending. It is no doubt that you both will be invited to many parties and celebrations of this day! Sit together and decide on the one that fits your requirements. You can either go to party in which you literally do not know anyone (in which you can do whatever the hell you want and no one can tell you anything about that night later on), or you can decide to attend a party with all your friends (in which you will be having fun thou without going crazy)


After you have decided on the party you will be attending, it is time to pick a costume. Since you will be going with your loved one you two can decide to wear costumes that are matching. This way everyone and especially you would realize of strong of a couple you both are. And who knows you might win the best costume of the party! Pick a costume that comes in pairs; for example, milk and cookies – Phineas and Ferb – nurse and doctor – minions – any princess and prince – Frankenstein and the Monster…


After you have decided on everything, and you have got your costume ready; the most crucial part of this all before you head out to the party is to snap some cute photos of you two for the sake of memories. Simply enjoy your time together and make some unforgettable memories that you cannot tell your future kids about!! 

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