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Under the sea Proposal | Special Date Idea

Under the sea Proposal

Special Dates


After a certain time with the person you love, you come to the decision to propose since you want to spend the rest of your life with them no matter what comes your way. Taking such a decision is not an easy thing to do; so when you have finally taken that decision, and you are absolutely sure that you are willing to do anything and everything for the person you love then the way you are planning to propose should be just as special as that special person you’d want to spend your life with.


In order to plan the perfect proposal, you need to start planning ahead of time to ensure that everything goes perfectly well. As you can see in the above picture, the proposal is happening under the sea while both of them are diving – so in order to achieve that you need to make sure that you and the person you love are capable of going diving alone under the sea. Get the right amount of practice, start by taking classes and get yourselves equipped in doing it well.


When you have achieved the first part, you can then move to planning the actual proposal; make plans with a scuba diving school – tell them about your plan to propose under the sea – get a banner that says will you marry me, make sure it is water proof! When you are getting a ring ask the jewellery story to make sure the ring is steady in its place and would not just fall off under the water. When all is set and ready you will be able to go along with your plan.


When the day has finally come, make sure that you keep yourself calm and don’t give out hints of what is going to happen. Act as if it is just another normal day of going scuba diving together, and then the surprise will hit your loved one under the water and they would feel very happy. After you have proposed go off to a romantic dinner and simply enjoy yourselves.

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