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Light up that Birthday | Special Birthday Date Idea

Light up that Birthday

Special Dates


Birthdays are a very special time, one does not only grow up by age but also by mind and sometimes even by perspective on life. When it comes to celebrating someone’s birthday, you have to make the day very special for them since for one, it is only a once in a year kind of celebration, and for the mere fact that a birthday signifies a person’s arrival to this life and you as the loved one of this person, this date should be as special to you as your loved one!


There are many ways in which you can make sure that the person you love would be having a wonderful day on their birthday; the attention you give them, the love you convey, and especially the gifts and gestures you do for them that they would always remember for years to come. Aside from the attention you would be giving and the gift you should be giving them; there is something you can do on this day that would last for a long time, something that also has a beautiful meaning following it.


As you can see in the above picture; this girl is hanging up pictures above her bed that are attached to lights. From this you can get the idea of doing something similar for you loved one with a bit of romance accompanying it. Get a long chain of white lights – you may get them coloured though white lights give more class and would also serve as a light in the room – hang the lights above your loved one’s bed, or on a wall in their room, print out pictures of the both of you together that cover up the entire course of your relationship – to make the theme even more beautiful make the print outs on a paper similar to a polaroid, or an Instagram background – and start by hanging them using clothe attaches; as in the picture, or any sort of attaching method.


Before you finalize everything, make sure that the pictures are hanged well with no chance of them falling off, and that the lights in the chain are all working well (no burned lights in the house). After you are sure of everything light up your masterpiece and surprise your loved one with it as they come home from their work, or their day! 

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