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Challenge Accepted Everyday Date Idea

Challenge Accepted

Every Day Dates

If you are planning on doing something fun, but find yourselves in a bit situation where you barely have money to suffice till the end of the month, do not give up hope on going out with the one you love due to that, there are billions of things you can do with your loved one without even paying a dollar! One of those awesome fun things you can do is to challenge your loved one in games!
The benefit of this sort of activity that you would be doing with your loved one is that it could go on and on for weeks, months, and at times even years! The first you got to do is pick a game from the Apple Store or the Play store – no matter what game you choose you can find it on both. Of course try to look for games that are free to download you have Subway Surfer, Candy Crush, Best Fiends, 1010, Pirate Kings… and so many other games the list literally goes non-stop!
After deciding on a game you would like to play, download it and start playing – try to beat each other’s scores and pass them in levels. Challenge each other while enjoying yourselves! This sort of activity would most probably pass by your entire day without either one of you even realising it! This said you can prepare yourselves by getting some snacks and putting a break time before you start to rest your eyes, fingers, and definitely pass to the bathroom.
Keep this sort of activity going on between you two for as long as you wish it to be! A bit of challenge in a relationship is always good for its prosperity and well-being! Plus, it would keep both of you overly excited to spend time together when everything else is boring! 
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