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September Beach | Special Romantic Date Idea

September Beach

Special Dates

This is not just any day on the beach you would be spending with the person you love on the beach, keeping in mind that it is the month of September; winter is close by, the water is getting colder, and even there might be chances of rain at any moment during the day! Regardless of all the facts that say stay away from the beach, head out to the beach with the person you love for some September fun!
As it is known that there are 3 parts of every day so there would be 3 parts to this date! First, wake up early in the morning pack up your stuff and head down to the beach while it is still a bit dark; make sure you bring with you: croissants, toast, or any kind of breakfast you both like! Have breakfast while sitting by the ocean listening to the calm waves splashing into each other and enjoying the feel of the ocean as light begins to touch its waters.
The second part of this day is when the sun is shining bright in the sky; head out with your loved one to change into your swimming clothes and simply just spend a day at the beach; building sand castles (no this activity is not for kids) playing in the water, having water fights and competitions, just simply enjoy the day with each other laughing as if you have never felt pain in your life! Finally, the last part of the day is after you both have showered and put on your clothes; now this part you need to make sure you have booked for beforehand – have dinner near the ocean in the sand in celebration of the day you have spent together and the special event you have!
This sort of date would permit you to spend an entire day with the person you love on a special occasion you two share together! Remember that no matter what comes your way on such a day everything would be overcome because your love is simply that strong!
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