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Outdoor Jacuzzi | Under the stars | Sunset | Romantic view | Special Date Idea

Water with a sprinkle of stars

Special Dates


Without even saying a few words, when you look at the picture above you would directly think that this is definite GOALS! Who wouldn’t want to spend a night with the person they love in such a romantic setting? Pictures do speak a thousand words, but there is more to do following that picture than you could ever imagine! This sort of date night would be simply perfect for a special occasion you two share together!

This may take a bit of research from you part, but it would all be worthwhile in the end; the first thing you need to do is look up places near the area in which you live in that has an accommodation of a hot tub outside; keep in mind that the place should have an amazing view for you and your loved one to marvel on, and a clear view of the skies above.

When you find the perfect place, rent out a room for you and your loved one on a special date you both celebrate together, or a date that means a lot to the both of you. Head out there with everything you might need to use prepared and packed for the night in order to have an amazing time without worrying about a single thing. As soon as you see the sun is beginning to set, head out to the tub warm up the water and sit there cuddling with your loved one until the sun has set and then shift your gaze towards the skies above you and marvel with awe as the stars start to show up increasing in number slowly and slowly.

Spend the entire night if you do not mind sitting in the water for a prolonged time, watching the sky full of stars reminiscing about wonderful memories you both have shared and the upcoming memories you two would love to create together! Have an amazing night and savour every second of it to the extreme! 


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