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Me Before You Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin Anniversary Date Idea

The Red Symphonies of Mozart

Anniversary Dates

“I just want to be a man who has been to concert with a girl in a red dress” – William Traynor. I bet this seen had all our hearts throbbing out of place, and our emotions running wild; from the moment Lou walked in in that stunning red dress to the way Will looked at her and to the uncontrollable smiles we couldn’t wipe off our faces. This scene is a “must do” scene to live out in real life and what better time to do it than an anniversary!
Have you got your anniversary coming up and are not quite sure how to wow your loved one? Take her to a Mozart concert in a red dress. Now for this night to be special you two should watch the movie together first and watch the reaction on her face when this scene comes on just to be sure that your loved one would be just as happy in real life as she must have fangirled at this part.
Go all the way before hand by buying a red dress; now it does not have to be just as the one in the movie, but something just as classy would do just fine – to make your date have a dash of laughter make sure you include a rose scarf with that dress, and then tell her to take it off; just as in the movie, you two would not only be having a romantic anniversary, but also a funny one; who needs more than that?!
It is most probable that one of you would not like this sort of concert, but it does not really matter at this time – sit beside each other and just talk quietly about the music and the people who will be getting emotional at the music. You would have created for your loved one a very fun and romantically memorable anniversary! Be the man who went on a date with a Girl in a Red Dress! 
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