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couple meditating together outdoor Anniversary date idea

Peace and tranquillity

Anniversary Dates


There is this saying that says: “couples who meditate together, stay together” – or it could be just a saying that couples who enjoy doing meditation together say. Whatever it is, the most important thing to keep in mind is that meditation and yoga are two of the most peaceful activities one can do, and doing that with the person you love will surely strengthen your bond.

Now of course I am not saying just go into the living room with the person you love, put on a rug on the floor and meditate, of course not! Since this activity you would be doing on your anniversary it has to come with a bit of a twist just so it would be very memorable and fun.

Instead of just sitting wherever you find most comfortable and meditate together join two activities into one – hiking and meditating. Head out with the person you love early in the morning to go on a hike, pick a place you two love but make sure it is a place away from all the noise of the city, and a place in which not many people go to. Hike up this place until you reach a setting in which it has a great view and is very calm. Set up your yoga or meditation mattresses and begin; just as you can see in the picture above.


This sort of activity joins relaxation and exercise in a way that is unexplainable and very wonderful for the body. The fact that you would be doing this on your anniversary and together would make your relationship stronger and would make it last longer.



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