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Away we Escape mountains Jacuzzi birthday special date idea

Away we Escape

Special Dates


Wherever you live, no matter what country you are in or whatever town you reside in there is always those extremely luxury places that have very private rooms with Jacuzzis and private pools, and those places, no matter where they are, would have an amazing view of either the woods – as in the picture above – or the mountains, or even at times the sea. This is the place that you should be looking for to spend a day with your loved one on their birthday.

Now you might be thinking that this sort of place is way too expensive for a simple birthday, but on the contrary this is exactly the place you both need. Don’t think about it as an escape to simply celebrate your loved one’s birthday, think about it as a time in which you two can enjoy some time together and have a good time without all the noise of the world.

The only challenge that comes with going on such a date is to find a place that offers the best and most amazing experiences, a place that you would love it so much you would keep on talking about it for a long time. Book a room to spend a whole day in and if it possible for you guys to spend the night also in this place. Make sure you talk to the people there to make sure everything is ready from food, water, and whatever else you might need as necessities.

Don’t forget the whole purpose of going on such an adventures day, get a birthday cake for your loved one and a gift celebrate the night together, you can even include cheese and wine to top of a wonderful place with a wonderful setting. Simple enjoy your time together for it might really be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  




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