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The First Beach Sunset First Date Idea

The First Sunset

First Dates


Warm weather, beautiful sunshine, and blue waters. This setting feels like heaven for most people, especially after a long winter season. Then guess how this will make an impression on your first date? Planning a day at the beach can be tricky, especially for a first date, so here are some tips for making it a successful first date with a potential to give you many more to come.

First, begin by choosing a calm sandy beach where you can both enjoy a walk along the coast. Make sure that the location you choose is not too crowded, because this will make it harder for you to spend some romantic time together. Once you’ve set your mind on a location, investigate further and look for a nice cozy restaurant where you could begin your date.

The idea here is to start off by having a small meal or drinks at a seaside restaurant. Also, make sure that you arrive there a few hours before sunset time. Then, as the conversation gets going and you feel much more comfortable around each other, it would be time to hit the sand. Take you shoes off and enjoy a stroll along the sandy beach. You can also choose a cool and calm location to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

As the time for sunset approached, make sure to find a good spot for a full view of the sun and the beach. Maybe even hold each other closer as you watch the sunset together. Finally, as the sun drops its final rays in the calm water, it would be a perfect moment for a tender first kiss. This cool first date will definitely guarantee you some more dates together and hopefully a long lasting relationship. 



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