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A Spooky First Date Idea

A Spooky First Date

First Dates


Making a good impression on a first date is not always an easy task. You both may be nervous and feel a bit of awkwardness around each other in the beginning. Therefore, to deal with that, you need to come up with a cool and adventurous date to take your mind of the initial nervousness you experience when being around your date for the very first time. One such cool idea would be to go to a make-believe haunted house.

The idea here is to find a fabricated haunted house, of course, not a real one. You can find those in some types of amusement parks or maybe in venues where they have numerous arcade games. Usually, these haunted houses would be playing some creepy horror music and you can experience all kinds of ghosts and skeletons which suddenly appear or drop down on you as you walk around the various rooms in the house.  

This idea may strike you as crazy at first glance; however, it has proved to be very successful in making couples ease their tension and get along much faster than couples who go for ordinary first dates. Each time you see a skeleton or ghost pop up, you’ll either laugh or have a scary hair-rising experience. Either way, you would hold on to your partner in any of those situations which will bring you both closer to each other.

In the end, follow this haunted house experience with dinner or coffee in a cool place to keep the conversation going. You would definitely have a lot to share about your haunted house experience, and then move on to different topics which will allow you to get to know each other more. Enjoy the haunted house, and keep your fingers crossed for more dates! 


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