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Catch a Movie in Bed Anniversary Date Idea

Catch a Movie in Bed

Anniversary Dates


Going to the movies with is one of the most common activity couples do together. We all love movie entertainment, and sharing that with the person we love makes it even more special. Then, what if we tell you that you can turn this ordinary movie going activity into a special date suitable to celebrate your anniversary together? Indeed, imagine yourself lying in a comfortable bed, cuddling with your lover, and nibbling on some delicious snacks as you enjoy a movie. This is not mere imagination. You can make it happen if you know where to go.

The key for this special date is to know how to choose the venue carefully. Start by looking around for a movie theatre in your area which offers such an experience. You may be surprised by what you find, as this kind of movie-going experience is on the rise and many cinemas are now introducing special screening rooms for couples. Look it up on the internet or ask some of your friends, and you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind though that the entrance fee would be much more expensive than a normal movie ticket, but for special occasions it is worth the extra cash investment. 

After placing a reservation for the date of your choice at the special movie theatre, it is time to invite your date. Our advice is to keep it as a surprise. Tell your significant other that you would be going to watch an ordinary movie at the local cinema. At first, this may disappoint your lover knowing that it is your anniversary and thus having different expectations. However, once you get there, let him/her on the trick and make it better instantly by showing the gift you have prepared for the occasion. This will sure turn things around in a few seconds.  

In the end, make sure to enjoy your time there and have a great time together on your special night. Don’t forget to reserve some time ahead, as places in such movie theatre are usually limited and on high demand. Enjoy the movie! 




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